Nano <mHAP> Toothpastes Tailored to Other Companies’ Needs and Brands


Medical Hydroxyapatite (nano<mHAP>) helps reduce the adhesion of dental plaque, fills microscopic defects on the surface of the teeth and remineralizes subsurface demineralized lesions. All three functions were recognized by Japanese health authorities in approving it as an active anticaries ingredient in Japan.

Besides using nano <mHAP> in its own products, Sangi also incorporates it in OEM toothpastes developed for other companies, designing unique, high-performance products suited to individual customers’ needs and brands.

Whether it be for prevention of caries, protection against periodontal disease, toothpaste for sensitive teeth, low-foaming varieties, or toothpastes for children, Sangi offers a full range of product types and differentiation options, and can also incorporate companies’ own ingredients, to develop unique toothpastes with a competitive edge, both in Japan and overseas.

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