Renamel® Enamel Protection and Care After Clinical Procedures

Renamel enamel-restorative, nano-hydroxyapatite-containing professional care products replace mineral lost from the enamel surface (microscopic surface fissures and subsurface lesions and white spots) during clinical procedures such as mechanical tooth cleaning (PMTC), bleaching and orthodontic work.

Renamel products supply the necessary mineral to restore smoothness and translucency to the enamel, gradually remineralizing white spots, protecting against caries, hypersensitivity and early recurrence of plaque and stains, especially after bleaching, and creating a smooth, fresh feeling in the mouth that patients can immediately acknowledge.

RENAMEL / APAPRO ® Remineralizing Dental Treatment Paste

RENAMEL / APAPRO ® Remineralizing Treatment Paste For use with a rubber cup or similar gentle polishing implement

・ after professional mechanical tooth cleaning (PMTC),
・ after scaling
・ after debonding (removal of orthodontic brackets)
・ after bleaching
・ for general protective use

Simply apply to each tooth surface for 20-30 seconds following any of the above procedures, then rinse lightly with water.

Peach Mint Flavor.

Apagard RENAMEL ®Apagard RENAMEL ® Home Care Toothpaste Home Care Toothpaste® Toothpaste for patients’ home use

・ after office or home bleaching
・ while orthodontic braces are being worn
・ for removal of white spot lesions
・ for general protective use

Simply use twice or three times daily, ideally brushing gently for about 3~5 minutes, and rinse lightly with water after use.

"Double brushing" (using the paste to brush once, then spitting out and applying more paste to brush a second time) is also highly recommended, for maximum effect.

Maximum nano<mHAP> content with xylitol, PEG and PVP, for extra anticaries protection and stain removal. Low foaming type. Mild mint flavor.

APAGARD Renamel PikaKids

Apagard RENAMEL PikaKids Toothpaste for children’s use

・ for mineral supply to growing teeth
・ while orthodontic braces are being worn
・ for general protective use

Use with a gentle brush two or three times daily, rinsing lightly after use.

Adjusted for children, with minimal foam and soft plastic tube. Xylitol and muscat flavor.

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