• Press release

Opening of the Sangi Dental Clinic for Employees

Sangi Co., Ltd. has announced the opening of its own in-house dental clinic, for employees and their families, on November 11, 2021. Located in Sangi's Central Research Laboratory just north of Tokyo, the clinic's main purpose is the welfare of company employees. But Sangi also intends to support clinical research carried out by the clinic's director on various applications of nano-hydroxyapatite technology in oral care, using the insights obtained to inspire creation of new hydroxyapatite-containing products.

As the developer and marketer of a long line of high-performance remineralizing and naturally whitening oral care products (APADENT, APAGARD, APAPRO and other brands), Sangi established the Sangi Dental Clinic to offer its employees and their families free access to a full range of oral care counseling, oral health checkups, and dental treatment as required. Results of tests for items such as salivary mineral content, oral bacterial levels, and the risk of caries or periodontal disease are compiled into a maintenance file for each employee presenting, providing a detailed assessment of his or her current state of oral health. Guidance and care are tailored to meet each individual’s specific needs. Sangi believes that gaining a deeper understanding of their own oral health will help increase employees' awareness and knowledge of oral care in general and that this will be reflected in their ongoing product development and marketing work.