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Japanese Actress Mayuko Kawakita Wins Sangi’s ‘Ha-ga-Inochi’ Beautiful Teeth Award

Japanese actress Mayuko Kawakita was presented with Sangi’s ‘Ha-ga-Inochi Beautiful Teeth Award’ on August 1, 2017 at a ceremony in Tokyo, commemorating August 1 as ‘Ha-ga-Inochi Beautiful Teeth Day, in Japan. “Ha-ga-Inochi” means “a celebrity’s teeth are his life” in Japanese and was the catch copy of Sangi’s blockbuster television commercial series when its products were first launched. This commemorative day was established in 2015 by the relevant authority at Sangi’s request to draw attention to the importance of sound oral health care and the maintenance of strong, naturally beautiful teeth. The award is presented each year to an individual who represents a model not only of excellent oral health care but of achievement in his or her chosen field.