Public art show ‘ROAR in Japan: the SANGI Collection’ held to celebrate Sangi’s 40th Anniversary

As part of celebrations for its 40th anniversary in September 2014, Sangi Co., Ltd. held a public showing of its private art collection at the Central Museum Ginza art gallery in Tokyo, from September 17-21. Entitled ‘ROAR in Japan : the SANGI Collection,’ and sponsored by the Australian Embassy in Tokyo, the exhibition featured some 60 works by Australian artists Karan Hayman and Mark Howson, two founding members of the Australian breakaway artists group ROAR, which was active in Melbourne, Australia, from the early 1980s until 1998. Another 20 more recent works by the artists were also displayed, for sale to the public, with all proceeds from the sale, totaling just on 2.1 million yen, donated to the Japan Guide Dog Association, which Sangi supports.

The exhibition was the first public showing of the Sangi collection, and the largest exhibition of ROAR artists’ work held outside Australia to date.