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APAGARD PREMIO named "Best Beauty Care Product 2016 in oral care"

APAGARD® PREMIO, the premium product in Sangi's APAGARD high-quality remineralizing toothpaste line-up, has been awarded the Best Beauty Care Product award 2016 in the oral care category by @cosme, the largest word-of-mouth marketing site for beauty care products in Japan. APAGARD® PREMIO has now won this award 2 years in a row, after being the first to receive it when the oral care products category was established in 2015.

These awards are made annually across a wide range of beauty care products based on consumer comments posted on the word-of-mouth site. The 2016 awards, for the period from November 1, 2015 to October 31, 2016, were based on 684,962 reviews covering 48,548 beauty care items.

APAGARD® pioneered the enamel restorative toothpaste market worldwide and continues to have the largest market share (40%) in the high-performance whitening toothpaste segment in Japan with a running total of 120 million units sold since 1985.