A Source of Calcium and Phosphorous, for Dietary Use

As a major body component, hydroxyapatite is also a valuable additive in foodstuffs, used to provide calcium and phosphorous in a wide variety of health supplements and foods. Sangi was the world’s first company to produce remineralizing chewing gum, as early as 1993, and still supplies hydroxyapatite for use in functional chewing gum and various food applications in Japan today.

A Refreshing Tea, Derived from Soyabeans

A Refreshing Tea, Derived from Soyabeans As a spin-off from earlier work on hydroxyapatite as a bone-restorative, Sangi researchers began studying soy protein as a natural source of isoflavon, the plant-derived substitute for the human hormone estrogen, one of whose functions is to promote uptake of calcium and phosphorous into bone.

The result was a health beverage patented by Sangi and known as “O-kara-cha,” a tea derived from roasted o-kara, the protein-rich byproduct that remains after tofu has been produced from Soyabeans. Made using natural spring water, with the addition of only Vitamin C, Sangi’s O–kara-cha is a highly drinkable non-calorie, non-caffeine alternative to bottled water, in its PET bottle form, and also comes in a tea-bag variety for hot beverage use.

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