Antibacterial Agents and Specialty Hydroxyapatites

Antibacterial Agents and Specialty Hydroxyapatites Sangi supplies various hydroxyapatites for a wide range of applications, according to user's requirements. It also offers a series of unique, chiefly inorganic antibacterial additives for industrial use, for example in the manufacture of plastics and textiles, or cosmetics and other personal care products, under the “Apacider” brand.

By combining bio-friendly hydroxyapatite and analogous calcium phosphate material with metallic silver, copper or zinc, rather than using compounds of the same metals, Sangi’s Apacider technology offers an advantage over standard organic or metal compound-based antibacterial agents, in that there is virtually no elution of metal ions, making it possible to offer a safe, longer-acting antibacterial agent that is resistant to fluctuations in temperature, and will not cause color change in the finished product.

Sangi’s antibacterial agents include a number of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved products.

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