1974 Sangi Co., Ltd. established in Tokyo
1978 Subsidiary Dental Kagaku Co., Ltd. established to produce hydroxyapatite
First laboratory facility, Tochigi Prefecture
1980 Second R&D laboratory, Saitama Prefecture
World’s first hydroxyapatite remineralizing toothpaste ”Apadent” launched
1985 Subsidiary Apatite Co., Ltd. established to handle sales
Success of anticaries field trials among Japanese schoolchildren
Second toothpaste brand ”Apagard” launched
1993 Sangi’s proprietary hydroxyapatite approved as an active anticaries ingredient, “Medical Hydroxyapatite,” by the Japanese government
1995 Sangi and its two subsidiaries merged
Blockbuster TV commercial series boosts sales of Apagard, which briefly
captures 20% market share
1996 Relocation and expansion of Saitama R&D laboratory
2003 Medical Hydroxyapatite reduced to 2-figure nanoparticle size, enhancing remineralization and restorative whitening capability
2004 “Renamel” brand launched exclusively for the dental route
2005 Sangi awarded a 2-year grant from Japan's New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) for its hydroxyapatite catalyst development (ethanol to butanol)
2007 Sangi's 70th hydroxyapatite-related patent registered
2009 ISO 9001:2000 certification
Sangi Online Shop opened
2010 Sangi receives a 4-year grant from the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) for its powder jet deposition project, a next-generation hydroxyapatite-based dental therapy system under development with Tohoku University
2011 Commencement of toothpaste exports to Russia (Apadent) (later also Apagard)
2013 Commencement of toothpaste exports to Canada (OEM brand)
2014 Company 40th anniversary celebrations
Apagard’s 20th successive year as top-selling brand in Japan’s high-end “beauty whitening” toothpaste market segment
2015 ISO 13485 certification
Commencement of toothpaste exports to Singapore and China (Apagard, Apadent)
Apagard Premio awarded the inaugural No.1 Dental Product ranking by Japan's top consumer product-ranking site @cosme