Public Awareness Campaigns

Sangi carries out a wide range of activities to raise awareness of oral health care and the importance of beautiful, healthy teeth.


August 1: ‘Teeth are Your Life’ Day

Because of a play on words in Japanese, in which 8 and 1 can sound like ‘teeth’ and ‘life’, Sangi in 2015 registered August 1 as ‘Teeth are Your Life Day.’ On this commemorative day each year, we hold events and campaigns, including a ‘Teeth are Your Life’ Award, designed to draw attention to the importance of sound dental health care.


Oral Care Symposium

Every year Sangi sponsors a public seminar organized by the Nihon Keizai Shimbun at which dentists and special guests offer advice on aspects of beauty and dental health for working women.


Kids' Event

During the summer holidays, Sangi offers an event for primary school children in which they can study ‘the mystery of our teeth’ as a subject for their summer free research homework. It’s a great opportunity to teach them the importance of oral care.


Toothbrushing Classes

We also hold toothbrushing classes for a wide range of people. We answer people’s dental care questions, convey the importance of daily home care, and raise oral care awareness.


On-site Oral Care Classes

Sangi provides on-site lectures on dental care and how to brush teeth for students aiming to enter the service industry, for corporate training and for other kinds of events.


Educational Materials

We also produce a variety of booklets to promote understanding of the importance of healthy and beautiful teeth and to help raise awareness of oral health care. We distribute them through dental association events held in various locations, elementary schools, and maternal and child health departments of local governments.