1: Nano Medical Hydroxyapatite (nano<mHAP>)

Nano Medical Hydroxyapatite

Q1 What is "nano Medical Hydroxyapatite" (nano<mHAP>)?

Nano Medical Hydroxyapatite (nano) is a proprietary form of the calcium phosphate compound hydroxyapatite, originally developed by Sangi and clinically approved as an anti-caries ingredient in Japan in 1993.
Nano is almost the same substance as the hydroxyapatite of our teeth and is safe, biocompatible, even edible!


Q2 What is the mode of action of nano<mHAP>?

Nano<mHAP> protects and restores tooth enamel in 3 ways, by
1) Collecting and helping to remove plaque
2) Filling surface fissures
3) Remineralizing subsurface demineralized areas (incipient caries).
Moreover, Sangi's research shows that nano<mHAP> also
4) Relieves tooth sensitivity by filling and coating exposed dentin tubules

Nano Medical Hydroxyapatite

Q3 What is the "Nano<mHAP> Inside Mark"?

This mark is printed on the package of nano<mHAP> containing toothpastes, and assures that the content is genuine.

What is the &quot;Nano&lt;mHAP&gt; Inside Mark&quot;?

Nano Medical Hydroxyapatite

Q4 How does the action of nano<mHAP> differ from fluoride in protecting against caries?

Fluoride does not replace mineral itself, but strengthens teeth against decay by promoting the uptake of calcium and phosphate from saliva and other sources, creating a protective layer of fluoridated apatite on the tooth surface. In contrast, nano<mHAP> itself directly replaces lost mineral to restore subsurface demineralized areas deep within tooth enamel (incipient caries) and fill microscopic fissures on the enamel surface. Its nanoparticles also bind protein such as oral bacteria and plaque fragments during brushing, facilitating their removal from the mouth on rinsing out.


Q5 What is the percentage of nano<mHAP> in your toothpaste?

The percentage of nano<mHAP> in Sangi's toothpastes is not disclosed, but has been approved as effective in protecting against caries by Japanese authorities.


Q6 Where can I find research data on nano<mHAP>?

Please see here for research papers and articles on nano<mHAP>

2: Other Ingredients

Other Ingredients

Q1 Do your toothpastes contain abrasive ingredients?

No abrasive ingredient is contained.

Other Ingredients

Q2 Do your toothpastes contain fluoride?

No fluoride is contained.

Other Ingredients

Q3 What ingredients are contained in your toothpaste?

Please see the ingredient lists of Apagard M-plus, Smokin', and Premio below. For the ingredients of Sangi's other toothpastes, please contact us.

Ingredient List for Apagard M-plus, Smokin', and Premio

3: Products


Q1 What are the main differences between Apagard and Apadent?

Both toothpastes protect against caries, but Apagard is designed basically as a ‘restorative whitening’ toothpaste (see Apagard regular product line-up below), while Apadent contains additional ingredients to promote gum care, and protection against sensitivity and periodontal disease.


Q2 What are the different product features among Apagard M-plus, Smokin', and Premio?

All three provide mineral to promote healthier, whiter tooth enamel, but they differ in emphasis, as shown in the comparative performance matrix below.
M-plus: Basic care type
Smokin': Stain care type, containing added stain removal ingredients
Premio: Premium care type, containing 1.4 times as much nano<mHAP> as the other two types, for greater whitening and anti-caries protection.

Comparative performance matrix


Q3 What is the difference between Apagard M-plus and Apagard Royal?

Apagard Royal has the highest content of nano<mHAP> in Sangi's Apagard series. Compared to Apagard M-plus, Apagard Royal contains 2 times as much nano<mHAP>. Royal is available only from Sangi's online-shop (http://www.sangishop.jp/) or sites such as Amazon or eBay (Products from Sangi's online-shop are only delivered within Japan).


Q4 Where can I purchase your products?

In Japan Sangi's toothpastes are available in most drugstores and also in variety stores such as Tokyu Hands and Loft. And of course, Sangi's online-shop (http://www.sangishop.jp/).
Please see "FAQ Section 5, Q1" for our official international distributors. Our products may also be found on sites such as Amazon or eBay internationally.

4: Instructions / Safety

Instructions / Safety

Q1 What are the basic instructions for use?

For best effect from nano<mHAP>toothpastes, we recommend that you
1) Place a small amount of paste (1 - 1.5 cm) on a toothbrush
2) Brush the teeth and gums meticulously for about 3-5 minutes, ideally after each meal (3 times/day is recommended)
3) Rinse lightly and spit out after brushing.

Instructions / Safety

Q2 Is it safe to use your toothpaste during pregnancy?

Yes, pregnant woman can safely use our series of toothpastes.

Instructions / Safety

Q3 Is nano<mHAP> toothpaste safe for children?

Yes, it is safe for children and babies to use Apagard and Apadent toothpastes. We offer two types especially for children: "Apagard Kids Gel" and "Apagard Kids" (and in Russia, "Apadent Kids"), all of which are fluoride free, low foaming, and have a soda-pop flavor.
Apagard Kids Gel is for first teeth, from early teething
Apagard Kids is for newly erupted permanent teeth

Instructions / Safety

Q4 What happens if children swallow the nano<mHAP> paste during brushing?

Ingredients used in our toothpastes including nano<mHAP> are all Japanese government approved. If children swallow small amounts while brushing, there is no problem. But please do not swallow, eat, or drink toothpaste purposely.

Instructions / Safety

Q5 Does the mode of action of nano<mHAP> also work for artificial teeth (e.g. dentures)?

Nano<mHAP> can remove bacteria from artificial teeth, helping protect against plaque, but can not remineralize since dentures etc. are not made of tooth enamel.

5: International Distributors

International Distributors

Q1 Do you have a distributor in my country?

Regional official distributors are listed below. If there is no appointed distributor in your country please contact us directly.

APAGARD and APADENT series are also often available from sites such as Amazon or eBay.

International Distributors

Q2 I am interested in becoming your distributor. What do I need to do?

If you are interested in becoming our distributor, please email us including the required information listed below: your country, company name, contact person and position, contact email, company address and phone number, website, type of business, handled items, distribution channels, etc.
Sangi does not sell directly to retail stores and consumers (except via its online-shop for consumers in Japan)

International Distributors

Q3 Can I purchase the raw material of your nano<mHAP> toothpaste?

Sangi does not supply its nano<mHAP> as a raw material. However, as in the case of X-PUR Remin, OEM toothpastes containing nano<mHAP> can be supplied.

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