A Broad-based Approach

As a pioneer of high-performance toothpastes, Sangi is constantly challenging itself to develop new products.
Research in our Dental Division falls into two categories: oral care products for the consumer market and dental materials and medical devices for dental professionals.
Research in both categories focuses on the action on teeth of Sangi's proprietary nano-hydroxyapatite, in particular remineralization of mineral-depleted tooth enamel, filling of surface micro-fissures, adsorption and removal of bacteria involved in caries and periodontal disease, sealing of exposed dentinal tubules (which cause hypersensitivity), and maintenance and restoration of the original whiteness of teeth.


Constant Improvement and New Development

Oral Care using the Same Substance as our Teeth

Sangi is constantly working on new formulations and technologies to further enhance the existing benefits of our hydroxyapatite ingredient nano<mHAP>, almost the same substance as the hydroxyapatite that teeth are made of. One example is our research into substances capable of enhancing the effectiveness of nano<mHAP>. In doing this, we measure and evaluate items like the degree to which minerals are replenished in incipient caries lesions, and the microstructure, whiteness, and gloss of tooth surfaces.

We are also constantly working to improve our ingredient itself. Different methods of synthesis make it possible to modify nano<mHAP>’s particle morphology and adsorption characteristics, both to improve its existing effects and to uncover previously unknown properties. The aim of this work is to go beyond nano<mHAP>’s existing remineralization-based anti-caries and whitening effects, to investigate its potential for additional benefits in helping to alleviate hypersensitivity and to protect against bacterially caused oral pathologies such as periodontal disease, which are now known to be linked to systemic illnesses like aspiration pneumonia in the elderly, or cardiovascular disease.


A New Field of Application for Hydroxyapatite

Supporting the Natural Moisture of the Skin

Hydroxyapatite is a well-known adsorbing agent, and taking advantage of its superior adsorption properties discovered in basic research, Sangi developed "APARIN®," a type of hydroxyapatite designed specifically for skin care, and now applied as a facial cleansing ingredient in Sangi's “HAP+R” skin care brand. APARIN selectively adsorbs unwanted and potentially harmful substances on the skin, such as excessive or oxidized skin oils and dead skin cells, leaving behind oils that are necessary for natural moisture and that support the skin's own hydration. During more than a decade of R&D since the initial concept – “Release your skin and yourself” – Sangi’s researchers have produced a line-up that allows customers to experience not only the unique cleansing benefit of these products containing APARIN, but also the sense of well-being that comes with their use.