Development of Products for Professional Use

Sangi is committed to developing unprecedented and creative dental materials and medical devices that take advantage of the various properties of hydroxyapatite for dental treatment and professional care. Lead times are long, because data from both laboratory research and clinical trials is critical, and regulatory applications take considerable time.



A New Dental Treatment System: Powder Jet Deposition (PJD)

Creating a New Enamel Layer on the Tooth Surface

Powder Jet Deposition (PJD) is a revolutionary new technology in which hydroxyapatite powder is sprayed onto the teeth to create a new enamel layer. It arose out of an industry-university-government collaboration project, in which Sangi developed the technology in conjunction with the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and the Graduate Schools of Engineering and Dentistry at Tohoku University.
The applied powder consolidates instantaneously as a new layer on the enamel or dentin surface, and SEM observation confirms that the interface between the tooth structure and the new layer is fully integrated.
The system consists of a high-speed spray unit with handpiece, and various types of ultra-fine, highly biocompatible hydroxyapatite powder specially designed for PJD.

Preparations for product launch are now underway, and the system is expected to be used in a wide range of future professional applications, in particular treatment of cavities (as a cavity liner), sealing of exposed dentinal tubules, and to restore whiteness to discolored teeth.