A Safe, Multifunctional Biomaterial


A Natural Body Component

60% of human bones, 97% of tooth enamel and 70% of dentin are made of hydroxyapatite,
next to water and protein, it is the most important constituent of teeth and bones, which are essential to the body.
Synthetic hydroxyapatite is a biomaterial with high biocompatibility, and is widely used in health foods and artificial bones.


Wide-ranging Use

The word "hydroxyapatite" comes from the Greek word "apato" = "to deceive".
As its etymology suggests the calcium phosphate compound hydroxyapatite is a mysterious substance. Even if some of its constituent elements are removed or replaced by other elements, its basic structure remains unchanged. Therefore, depending on the method of synthesis, it can be produced in a variety of different forms with different properties suitable for various, wide-ranging applications, such as tooth restorative materials, catalysts for synthesizing industrial chemicals, components for antibacterial agents, and materials for medical use.