Our Mission

Our mission is to support the regenerative powers of people and of nature, for a healthier, more beautiful world.


Our Principles

As a democratic, open-minded entity based on the principles of truth, benevolence and beauty, we aim to serve our customers and society by providing a rich, healthy culture and lifestyle to as many people as possible.
And to return the resulting fair rewards of this work to society will be our unchanging philosophy.


Our Promise

As a professional organization dedicated to the design and development of hydroxyapatite-based products, Sangi is committed to comply with all laws and regulations and provide products that fully satisfy our customers' needs.
To maintain the high level of trust we enjoy from by our customers, Sangi will constantly strive to improve our development technology, product quality and customer service and to create new markets.



Sangi aims to be a company focused on "you", a company in which "you" are the main character, playing an active and satisfied role. By "you" we mean you who use Sangi's products and you who are involved in some way in their supply chain, whether as producers, as the distributors who handle logistics, as store personnel, or as the employees and shareholders who make up this company.

It is through striving to achieve this goal that Sangi will contribute to society, be recognized, and give back to society what we have earned. Our core technology is hydroxyapatite, a biomaterial essential to life. We are using it to develop toothpastes, medical devices, antibacterial agents, skin care products, catalysts, improved drug delivery systems, and food products. We have used it to invent and develop products that never existed before and to create new markets, and we will continue to keep that original spirit as we strive to meet people’s ongoing expectations and needs.

“Sangi" is an unusual name, taken from the three principles (San-Gi) of the Chinese scholar Mencius, namely "The timing of the heavens, the riches of the earth and the harmony of men". We believe that by valuing human harmony above all else, we can create a company and a community in which you are the protagonist. We also believe that by applying our core technology – applications of hydroxyapatite – we can enhance the regenerative capability of people and nature, and help maintain a healthy, more beautiful world.

Chairman and Founder

Shuji Sakuma